“A captivatingly original force in Irish music” – Hotpress magazine

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RTÉ Entertainment: “Whipping Boy meets Lou Reed downtown with Nick Cave”.

As I ponder ways to tell my musical story in the most rock & roll way possible, I quickly realise that the only one to tell, and the most interesting one at that, is in fact this one.

Con Murphy is a singer-songwriter who hails from Ballinrobe in Co. Mayo, Ireland. A singer-songwriter by night, he spends his days facilitating music sessions in the Mayo Mental Health services. Con has been developing his live sound over the past number of years writing and performing his original works on various stages at home and abroad. His sound is varied, broad and experimental. You can expect to hear folk rock, folk/country, soft rock and alternative vibes throughout his debut album ‘Otherworld’ and throughout his back catalog. He is currently performing his music with a full 5 piece band and released his debut studio album on the 6th of May 2022.

This 10 track album is his debut full album release and was preceded by the release of his first EP in 2018.

What can you expect to hear from this body of work?

This album is full of stories intertwined with people and tales from other worlds. From ethereal alt folk ballads to soft rock and feel good vibes, Otherworld offers a broad flavor of what Con is all about when it comes to musical style. With a modern and original sound, you can hear influences of Whipping Boy, The Frames, Bell X1, Leonard Cohen, The Cure and more threaded throughout. This album takes you through the byroads of Ireland, to the Eastern Fjords of Iceland, and offers an escape into the Otherworld. 

Title track ‘Otherworld’ is an alt-folk rock track that enchants throughout. It offers a mellow yet epic feel that builds and builds drawing the listener into the drama of the story as it unfolds. It combines spoken word narration with verses that haunt as it delves into the story of love from this world locked in the Otherworld. This track is a reflective piece, a dramatic love story with mythical insinuations as the lovers mind wanders with an air of utter vulnerability.


Heavens Table chosen as a national finalist for the Hotpress and IBI initiative in 2021

Heavens Table is a track I am incredibly proud of, the first song I ever wrote. I hope you adore it as much as I do. It offers up a powerful melancholic ethereal blend of a folk ballad with a modern feel.


Get to know the residents of the music farm

Meet the band making the live shows sound epic

Main musical influences – ear candy for Con

The Cure

Bell X1

The Waterboys

The Frames

That time I shared the stage with my wife as we opened for Aslan. A music memory I will truly cherish.

That impromptu first ever performance in Iceland in 2015 with my dear friend Vinny and VOK/Hatari member Einar joined us on drums

I released the Fjord EP in March 2018 in Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland. One of my closest friends moved there, a true musician and artist and a friend I miss dearly in my daily life – hosted what was a very special night of music in one of the most beautiful places I have ever traveled to.

Chocolate pills was inspired by my work in the mental health services and mashes my love for 80’s synth pop and modern folk. Have a listen by clicking the link.

Described by Dave Simpson of Pure M Magazine as “a fantastically forceful yet friendly combination of pop, rock and folk”.

Patiently Wait was the second track I released in 2018. It explores the idea of being patient, trustworthy and open to life unfolding as you wish – and it just might.
It is a song about family, legacy, the joining of friends and the creation of your own story as you reflect on other stories and people gone by.

My debut single ‘Don’t Freak Out’ remains a cult favorite for many.
This catchy pop rock track was released in late 2017 and is one of the most fun to play live.

Some highlights from 2018 live shows, reviews & radio play

Official video for Don’t Freak Out single released in 2017

FAN MAIL! This is gold – I look well

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